Glass Photographic Prints

Prints on glass. In many applications, even though just recently introduced, we see glass starting to replace canvas prints.

Glass photo prints for photographs have a contemporary look with great attention to photo details. Try our custom printing in Tucson, AZ

Glass photo prints are in a word, incredible. A stunning, contemporary way to display your favorite photos is in the form of custom glass prints. Glass is a unique and innovate substrate that is sure to bring a whole new element to your images. Your photograph or artwork is printed on the reverse side of the glass and rich color and beautiful details pop. A bright, opaque layer of white ink is applied directly beneath the color layer to bring out the subtlest details during photo printing on glass.

Glass photo prints are unusual and rare, so why not create something different with clear glass photo frames? It looks terrific and makes a great glass, personalized photo gift sure to stand out in any location. A contemporary look when compared to a giclee canvas.

Our technology improves the resolution and the vividness of colors

Durable latex inks are used for printing.  The process has been proven superior in duplicating any color gamut as well as an increase in the vividness of colors. Preparing your artwork is critical.  Good resolution is the name of the game when it comes to glass photo prints.

Help on setting up your file for glass photo prints