Rocky LaRose・Photographer

Rocky LaRose retired from the University of Arizona in 2013 after serving as Deputy AD and Director of Athletics over a combined Men’s and Women’s Program.  Her passion and interest in photography grew during travels to away games of various UA teams.

Rocky’s passion can be seen in every task she has undertaken:

  • Three times PAC10/12 Vice President.
  • Mastermind behind the University’s CATS program which later won national awards.
  • A member of the U.S.A.’s National Championship Softball team.
  • In 2017 Rocky was called back into action as a Senior Advisor to the President to head up the search for the new Vice President of Athletics.

As Rocky is fond of saying “It’s not about photography – it’s about the experience and seeing the world in a different way!” Take some time to see things through Rocky’s eyes, in places you never knew existed and of animals and “critters” in their natural habitats.

Rocky is married to the retired Vice President for Global initiatives Michael Proctor.

We can hardly wait to see where her travels and photography takes us next.